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Pyramid Solitaire

This game was started after playing a similar game on Yahoo Games. The goal is clear all of the cards in the pyramid by clicking on a card that is +1 or -1 from the upturned card (in the following image, the queen of diamonds in the upturned card, so a king or a jack can be clicked). Once a card is clicked it is moved down as the upturned card. If there are no valid moves, a card along the bottom is clicked and a new up card is shown. Play continues until all the pyramids are cleared or there are no valid movies remaining.

New to v2! The game can be played with XXX. That is, when all valid moves are finished, if there is only one card left in the pyramids the round is considered cleared.

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Important: Download and Use at your own risk. All of these games run fine on my computer (XP Home), but I make no promises for any of them working on your system and configuration.


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