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This site started in the late 1990's after I wrote my first Visual Basic game -- Yatcee. As I wrote on my original website, "This game should only take a few hours to code." Famous last words. It did only take a few hours to get the basic UI elements in place with VB 3.0, but it took weeks of tweaking to get the rest of the game working.

After my initial foray into game programming with Yatcee I made the very simple Y10K. It was a breeze in comparison to Yatcee.

The next step was to try and make use of cards in VB. I think my first attempt at a card game was the rather simple Cribbage Squares. It is my least favorite game today (it didn't age as well as the other games).

Once I got the hang of programming with cards, I made Cribbage Solitaire, based on a solitaire game my dad taught me years ago. I also made the study application Hand Evaluator to determine the best discard for a standard six card cribbage hand.

The final, and most complex, card game I wrote was Pyramid Solitaire. It was based off a similar game I played on Yahoo games. It took quite a while to get that one tweaked and working before I published it. Once it was online I kept tweaking and added some new features, but for some reason I never published v2 of Pyramid Solitaire, but finally, it is now online!

The game that really pushed me algorithmically was Dots. Like the second version of Pyramid, I had stopped publishing stuff online, so even though this one was a pretty good accomplishment algorithmically, it was pretty weak graphically, and I never released it until now.

After that I pretty much stopped doing any VB programming and let the site slowly fade. Eventually, I converted the site to a single page and left the zipped files in place for downloading.

Even though some of these games are dated, and may not run that well on newer machines, I left them online since I am still getting hits on the site. Who knows, I may get the initiative and make a new game based on VB.net?


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